My name is Te Rangimārie James Speight. I am Ngā Puhi, queer / takatāpui, sex-positive, and a parent. My father’s people are from Ohaewai; my mother’s people are Ngati Pakeha from Kaeo and Whangaroa, and from Auckland. I have a background in Rongoa, and European Herbalism. I studied Homeopathy with the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy in Auckland, graduating in 2015.

I am passionate about access and agency in health care, no matter who you are. Access to health services of all kinds can be difficult for various reasons; and many of those barriers are around issues of bias, fear of judgement, and misunderstanding. I specialise in using Homeopathy to work with people who have difficulty accessing health care appropriate to them, and I am committed to treating the whole person from a place of aroha and respect.

I believe my intersectional position in society, and my life experiences, bring a unique perspective and understanding to my work.


Humans have evolved complex and layered mechanisms to maintain homeostasis. When these function well the body is able to respond to environmental factors – infection, stress, etc – with resilience and flexibility. Most dysfunction is the inappropriate expression of a function that has been useful in the past, or is the best effort the body can make with the resources it has. Every body / mind does the best it can with what it has. Bringing the body back into balance begins with this understanding.

Homeopathy works to support the adaptive and regulatory systems, and assist them to function as they should, allowing the body to heal itself.   

I practice homeopathy as integrative medicine. My personal experiences with our health care system, both as a client and as a care-giver / support person, have informed my conviction of the importance of integrative health care, and multi-disciplinary support. I firmly believe there is no magic solution or single perfect approach to all health problems. Every modality has its strengths and limitations.

As such, I am happy to collaborate with any other healthcare providers to help you to achieve the best outcomes possible.